Producer Rick McCallum Talks 'Episode III' have posted a summary of the chat producer Rick McCallum had with paying Hyperspace members about Star Wars: Episode III.

Episode III will be PG - This is what is best for the franchise no doubt. Though there's a trend to push for more and it would defintiely appeal to the older fans, PG is the way to go and no surprise.

Running Time: 2 Hours - The final cut of the film should clock in around 2 hours which means there's about a 110 page script that Lucas has produced. Fans wanting a lengthy finale will be dissapointed, but this is something everyone should have been prepared for and again no surprise.

Episode III definitively has the most lightsaber action of any Star Wars film - Again, great confirmation but expected. There's a lot to do ad we figure the saber will figure prominantly into the final sequences. Great to hear!

SW3 takes place 3 years or so after Ep II - Hayden said recently is would be much more than that, but Rick corrected him and gave us the time scale for the film, noting also that everything is bigger this time, including the battle scenes.

Space Battle Beginning - An epic space battle to begin the film. Now that is a great way to start. We know it is the end of the Clone Wars about this time period, so expect it to be the defintive moment of the war.

And here's a fun quote to end this review: "Yes, I do believe Ep III will bridge the gap and answer most all of the unanswered questions. I think it's much more of a fun adventure feel. Although, of course, Anakin turning into Vader is pretty intense."

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