Natalie Portman On Post-Star Wars Plans

Natalie Portman recently gave an interview to People Magazine in which she talked about her plans after Star Wars: Episode III.

"When Episode 3 finishes? I don't know. To tell you the truth, I'd like to just relax for a while. Kick back with some friends. If anything, it might be something with Luc Besson, a follow-up to a film I did when I was younger called Leon. The script's really great, and near worth delaying a vacation for. The only problem would be that I would have to hit the gym again - and at the moment I can't even envision tying my own laces up"

On the rumors that she has been cast as the leading female role in Warner Bros. Superman, she said, "No more than a rumor at this stage. But who wouldn't want to play Lois Lane."

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