Brian Gernand Talks 'Star Wars 3' Models

The official Star Wars website has an interview with Brian Gernand, the Practical Model Supervisor for Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

More than the previous installments of the Star Wars saga, Episode III features worlds and environments that simply could not be found by scouting the world for suitable filming locations. Exotic landscapes or perilous natural conditions make for impractical or dangerous shoots, but Director George Lucas no longer lets such mundane restrictions cage in his imagination. To create truly other-worldly experiences -- or sometimes, to squeak another set within the confines of time and budget constraints, Lucas turns to the Model Shop of Industrial Light & Magic.

To the layman, it's become increasingly easy to credit the amazing visuals of modern effects movies to the ever-present computer. If the talents of digital artists are often casually dismissed with a simple, "it's all CG," then the physical art of miniature construction is often completely ignored. In reality, the Star Wars prequels have featured more miniature work than the original trilogy -- Episode I alone had more models than the original films combined. It's the way in which miniatures are used that has changed dramatically.

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