David Letterman Producer On 'Strangers With Candy'

David Letterman has come aboard Amy Sedaris's Strangers With Candy: The Movie as a producer, the first time the talk show host has done that, according to Variety,

Based on the Comedy Central of the same name. Letterman cited "Strangers" star Amy Sedaris, who's also a writer on the movie, as a motivating factor for his decision to don a producer's cap.

"Amy Sedaris is one of a handful of folks who actually make me laugh," Letterman said. "I have no doubt her film will be as appealingly peculiar and funny as she is."

"The script for the movie ended up over here, and I read it and then Dave read it," producers Burnett said. "We got it on a Monday and by Wednesday, we said, 'We're in.' "

"With film, you can make it for a relatively small budget and it doesn't have to be a great, big blockbuster, (although on) the upside, you hope it breaks through and appeals to masses of people," Burnett said. "The difficulty with television is that everything you do, on some level, has to appeal to a lot of people."

Sedaris, Stephen Colbert ("The Daily Show") and Paul Dinello -- who created and starred in the "Strangers" small-screen skein -- are reprising their roles for the feature, with Dinello directing.

Shooting on the movie began two weeks ago.

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