Silvia Colloca Talks Van Helsing Role

Silvia CollocaActress Silvia Colloca has been speaking with John More about her role as Dracula's first bride in the upcoming Van Helsing movie.

John More: Explain me about your role in the film?

Silvia Colloca: I was so excited when I was offered to play this role! I have always been fascinated by the Dracula mythology and along with my dear Uncle Gianni (God bless him) I have watched every single Dracula movie ever made. I guess it was destiny!
When I went in for the screen test I knew what Steven Sommers was after and I gave it to him.
So, it was not too hard to enjoy my character during filming and make it my own. Also, for the first time the brides have a specific role in the plot, they are not just beautiful models on display, and that was really interesting.
Verona is Dracula’s first bride, she leads the younger sister brides while hunting and will do anything to see her children live. She also incarnates the “Goth” that the Dracula mythology is famous for. In some ways she is the female version of Dracula himself.

John More: How did you feel to be the bride of Dracula?

Silvia Colloca: As far as what it felt like to be Dracula’s bride… well I did pretty well considering that Richard Roxburgh (Dracula) and I are getting married in September!!!

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