Greg O'Connor Takes On 'Warrior' Boudicas

Mel Gibson is to team up with Gavin and Greg O'Connor to make the period pic Warrior, according to Variety.

The epic about Boudica, a female warrior who led Britain against Roman conquerors and was posthumously named Britain's first queen.

The drama, which chronicles Boudica's rise from peasant girl to a military leader who united the Celtic tribes of Britain to battle the 9th century Roman Empire, will be directed by Gavin O'Connor (Miracle).

"What drew me is that she was driven by personal revenge," O'Connor said. "Her goals were never political and never went beyond avenging her slain husband and child. She managed to bring together all of these warring tribes to stand against the Roman Empire. It is a masculine story with a female point of view."

"We spent over a year researching Queen Boudica, Celtic Britain and the Roman Empire, and another year writing the script," said Klugman, who with Sternthal were repped by Leverage and Endeavor, the latter of which agented the O'Connors as well.

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