Stunt-Coordinator Talks X-Men II

Empire Online recently talked with Gary Jensen, Stunt-Coordinator, in which X-Men 2 is mentioned:
Aside from his work with Kevin Smith on Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jensen has also worked with director Bryan Singer on X-Men and is in talks to bring his expertise to the upcoming sequel as well. However, with no final script, and Singer as yet unconfirmed, details on X-Men 2 are being kept safely under wraps. “We’re waiting to get a good script going at the moment. I can imagine there’ll be more fantasy, but also trying to make it look more real. I know that if Bryan does it again he’ll want to do it very realistically.”

While no story details were available, Jensen has his own idea as to what the sequel should hold, “My one daughter wanted to see Beast. He’s my favourite character, but all the characters are so great in their own little way. I would like to bring them all into it but I don’t know how you could make a movie that long.” With regard to making the sequel bigger and better than its already pyrotechnic predecessor, Jensen seems confident that this won’t pose a problem, “I know that when work starts on X-Men 2, there’ll be PLENTY of preparation because we’re going to try to surpass what was done before. It’ll be tough, but I’m looking forward to it. In the film business there’s nothing you can’t do, it just takes time and money.”

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