Marsden Waiting for Call

James Masden was recently interview by JamMovies, where its revealed that he hasn't recieved 'the call' for X-Men 2. Heres more:

There's no big X on James Marsden's calendar yet.
Rumours abound that X-Men 2 will begin filming in Toronto late this year, but Marsden hasn't received his phone call from director Bryan Singer.

"X-Men made a dump-load of money so of course there will be a sequel, but I'm a pretty low priority," says Marsden, who plays Cyclops.

"These first couple of movies belong to Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), so things will be worked around him.

"Of course I'm glad I was part of X-Men, but it wasn't a great acting experience. It's all about special-effects."

Marsden signed a two-picture deal which, he says, "benefits the studio, not me. If there's a third one and they want me, then I'll be able to negotiate."

Marsden is far more excited about the impending arrival of his first child later this week.

"We already know it's a boy and we're calling him James Holden. I have my X-Men action figure already prominently displayed in his nursery."

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