Singer to Direct Sequel

Bryan Singer recently connfirmed that he would be directing the sequel to "X-Men" and the original cast would also be on the project, he also said that

“I am doing the sequel to X-men, I think its going to be called something like X-men 2.”

He recently revealed this info last night at the Empire Awards, heres more

While finally announcing his involvement in the sequel to last summer’s action-packed blockbuster, Singer was unwilling to give many details as to what the X-Men’s second outing might hold in store. “The original cast will join us again, along with some new characters. Other than that I can’t really tell you anything.”

According to Singer, filming should start towards the end of the year and run through to early 2002. One thing’s for sure, Singer is planning to make the sequel bigger and better than its predecessor, “we’re going to spend a few more bucks , bring in some great new characters in and up the stakes.” With his other project Confessions of a Dangerous Mind now put on hold until after the strike, Singer will be focusing entirely on X-Men 2, “I’m already working on the script for X-Men 2 now so that’s going to take most of my time and energy until I start shooting.”

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