Hugh Jackman Talks X2

Hugh Jackman spoke with Calgary Sun about his upcoming movie - Kate & Leopold, where he also talked a bit about the X-Men sequel. He revealed that shooting for Kate & Leopold would be short as shooting for X2 was to begin on April 23 in Vancouver.

"I haven't seen a script for X-Men 2 but I'm hoping there will be a genuine romantic interest for him this time around. He's got to get past the flirting stage."

Jackman says he actually took his Wolverine costume out of storage on the last day of shooting Kate & Leopold.

"I wanted to return the joke the Spider-Man people played on us. One day, Spider-Man turned up on our Toronto set of X-Men. "It's a great moment that is in the DVD."

X2 will hit theaters on May 2 2003.

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