'X-Men 2' Charachter And Story News

Dark Horizons got a scoop about the charachters in the sequel "X-Men 2: X" and here it is:

"The characters of Kitty Pryde, Pyro, Bobby (Iceman) will have a much bigger role in the sequel, and we'll get to see them using their powers (in battle!). Rogue's role is smaller than in the last film. Current ideas are that she will mostly be seen w/ the other 'Junior' X-Men. They DO get their own versions of uniforms, although they're not as 'professional' looking as the advance X-Men. Telling by the shooting dates and story boards Halle Berry will get much more screen time as Ororo Munro, than in the previous film. She will also take flight a couple times. We do not start shooting the 'Nightcrawler' scenes until early August. Nightcrawler will not have an X-Men uniform for most of the film. There are cameos set for the characters of: Angel, Gambit, Colossus, and possibly Jubilee but she has yet to be cast. Out of all four cameos, Colossus will have the most screen time."

So if Nightrawler doesn't get an X-Men uniform for the majority of the movie then maybe he doesnt join the team until the end.

The scooper also talks about another The X-Men Special Edition DVD is to be released with some previews of "X2," the logo trailer and some behind the scenes footage.

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