Colossus, Jubilee And Siryn Cast In 'X Men 2'

Comics Continuum reported that Daniel Cudmore will be playing the part of Colossus. Fox confirmed this.

Countingdown reported that the popular X-Men character of The Beast will have a cameo in X-Men 2. ". It's a small part but he's going to look great and maybe we'll see more of him in the 3rd installment," said Countingdown's trusted source.

Coming Attractions has revealed Kea Wong is to play Jubilee, and Shauna Kain is to play Siryn.

Heres there report:

Actress Kea Wong has been cast in the role of Jubilee, an Asian-American teenager who has the mutant ability to create brilliant displays of multicolored light resembling fireworks. Wong has had supporting roles in such TV shows as Millennium, The Division and Seven Days and also starred as Paula in 2000's Snow Day.

Actress Shauna Kain has won the part of Siryn, a teenage mutant with the ability to project intense sonic waves from her vocal chords. It's unclear whether the movie character of Siryn will be of Irish descent as she is in the comics; additionally, Siryn's father, Banshee, was an adult member of the X-Men and it's unlikely he will be mentioned at all in the new movie. Kain has appeared in episodes of Harsh Realm, Freedom and Night Visions and has a role in Warner Bros. adaptation of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher.

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