Wolverine To Play Big Role In Sequel

Cinescape talked to "X-Men 2: X²" producer Ralph Winter who dropped a few bits about the film, and the characters who are playing big roles in the story.

“We’re going further and deeper about Wolverine,” says Winter. “It’s an ensemble piece, no question about that, but Wolverine is the story that we’re following… You want to follow Wolverine, but you don’t want to neglect Magneto, Rogue or Charles Xavier. It’s a delicate balance to peruse one story, but not at the expense of others.”

Our ears acting like yours’, we prompted Winter on the Magneto tease, but as expected from the producer of a huge Hollywood film, to little avail.

“That’s what I can’t tell you,” Winter said. “There will be other villains, but I don’t want to spoil the role that Magneto’s going to play in this movie. That’s going to be fun, and it has interesting little curves down the road.”

We will be tracking down the rest of that article.

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