Patrick Stewart Talks X-Men Sequel - X2

EmpireOnline were able to talk to Patrick Stewart about the X-Men sequel - X2, while wheelchair bound as Professor X on the X-Men set in Vancouver.

X2 will need to reach beyond that core audience; and that looks assured. For thanks to that new and improved budget, the mutant heroes - all of whom return, under Singer's direction once again - will cut loose in ways not possible three years ago.

"We do see very dramatically in two places, the beginning and the end of the film, what his powers can do. And it's spectacular," says Patrick Stewart

The original's relative lack of action has been remedied, building towards a spectacular climax in the Rocky Mountains. Approximately 100 effects shots have been added since filming began, bringing the total to around 800. And even though filming only concluded in November, a rough cut has already been assembled.

X2 hits theaters May 2nd. Thanks to 'Anita' for the heads up!

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