X2 Writers On Yuriko/Deathstrike Character

Writers Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris spoke with CountingDown about their decision to add the obscure character of Yuriko/Deathstrike (Kelly Hu) to the X-Men sequel - X2.

"We wanted to look at the major fights of the film and concentrate on the characters being equally and interestingly matched," says Harris. "While I don't want to reveal the secrets and twists of other battles, it became apparent that Wolverine needed a nemesis that was equal to, and in some physical ways, superior to himself. She's a beautiful exotic woman -- that makes her sleek and sexy -- and her powers are the perfect match for Wolverine. It's the only thing that he's definitely not expecting to have to deal with. Plus, there's nothing hotter than claw on claw action!"

"I always loved Deathstrike in the comics, and thought the image of Wolverine going up against someone else with adamantium claws, especially a woman, would be amazing," adds Dougherty. "So one day I drew a little sketch of what she might look like, and as crude as it was, [director Bryan Singer] dug it. She quickly became a very mysterious and powerful presence in the story, and expanded the film mythology by adding a layer of history to the other characters."

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