Marvel Comics Avi Arad Talks 'X-Men 2: X2'

Marvel Comics Avi Arad spoke with Philly about the X-Men sequel - X2, where he revealed some details on what we can expect.

In what is reportedly being labeled as the X-Men's "Empire Strikes Back," the story revolves around Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) searching for answers to his identity while the X-Men battle the Stryker Crusade, a movement intent on wiping out mutants everywhere. Most of the original players return, and they're joined by Alan Cumming's mysterious Nightcrawler, Kelly Hu's sexy Lady Deathstrike and Brian Fox's formidable General Stryker. Ray Park's Toad and Tyler Mane's Sabretooth are absent. The franchise, however, is considered so healthy that Mane has reportedly signed a contract to appear in the next two sequels.

As if that weren't enough, a "Wolverine" solo film starring Jackman may be coming.

"Making a movie about his origin and letting him figure out who he is may be [a] real interesting movie," said Arad.

And arguably the most bankable actress in Hollywood is in this movie. Might Halle Berry be soaring in a "Storm" solo film soon?

"Absolutely," said Arad. "It could be very interesting."

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