Britney Spears To Join 'Die Hard 4' Cast?

Britney Spears is reportedly set to star alongside Bruce Willis in the forth installment of the Die Hard series, according to UK Hello magazine.

"Britney is in talks with bosses and is delighted about starring in a Die Hard film. Being a big fan of Bruce Willis helps and she can't wait to star alongside him." said a source close to the singer.

According to the magazine, Die Hardest will be Bruce Willis' last performance as the heroic New York cop. The 47-year-old wants to leave the character behind once and for all and has decided that John McClane should be killed off in the new film.

"Bruce is keen to get it done and dusted and concentrate on more intelligent films. He is tired of running around with guns and yelling," revealed a source close to the production. "Bruce's character will not be coming back after this film. He has stated in interviews that he would like to die by drowning or being eaten by sharks in the last film - so there's a big hint to what's going to happen."

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