Bruce Willis On Making Another 'Die Hard'

Bruce Willis has been speaking with USA Today about whether Fox will go ahead and make Die Hard 4.

Understandably, he expresses some reservations about the fourth installment of Die Hard. "I always said the genre had kind of run out of gas and had to reinvent itself," he says. "I think that's the goal Fox has also. Maybe too much time has gone by since the last one. We'll see."

The last Die Hard film opened in 1995, and Willis openly says that the first Die Hard in 1988 "was the only good one."

He draws a comparison between the action films of its time and current ones: "If the first Die Hard were an analog version of an action movie, the kind of action movies that are being made right now are all digital. So, Die Hard 4 would have to be brought up to the modern age."

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