'Osiris' Animatrix Will Lead Into 'Matrix Reloaded'

Producer Joel Silver told SciFi-Wire that the computer-animated short film 'Final Flight of the Osiris', one of nine animated shorts, leads directly into The Matrix Reloaded.

Reloaded "starts with Final Flight," said Silver. "You're beginning to see the story of the movie. There's a machine army. There seems to be an enormous amount of sentinels that are available. There seem to be tunneling somehow to Zion. And that starts the movie. That starts the plot."

"The first one was up on the Web site a month ago, on Feb. 4," added Silver. "We've had 4 million downloads of that. ... We have the new one up. ... I think we had 250,000 downloads in the first hour it went up. ... Another one will come up again in April and another one in May."

Final Flight of the Osiris, written by the Wachowski brothers, can be seen on screen in theaters alongside Dreamcatcher from March 21. All nine Animatrix shorts will be available on DVD on June 3.

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