Huge 'Troy' Set Could Be Largest In The World

The Times Of Malta reports on the work currently being done for the movie Troy, which will make it one of the biggest in Europe.

Works are under way at what is considered to be one of the largest film sets currently under construction in Europe and possibly even worldwide, located in Fort Ricasoli.

The metamorphic fortifications are once again being transformed to take on a new role and King Priam's palace rises majestically in their heart, while the imposing gates of Troy stand around 15 metres tall, overlooking Grand Harbour.

The building of the set for the epic $180 million-budget movie Troy, which is expected to be Warner Bros' major release next year, started in January, said co-producer Winston Azzopardi. Cameras should be turning their lenses onto it in around two weeks' time when the city of Troy comes alive with thousands of crowd extras.

Filming, which started on Tuesday, is currently going on elsewhere.

Thanks to 'Fla' for the heads up!

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