Eric Bana Talks 'Troy' & 'Hulk' Sequel

Eric BanaEric Bana has been speaking with Cindy Pearlman about working on Warner Bros' epic Troy, which is currently filming right now in Malta.

He jokes, "I haven't disfigured Brad Pitt just yet." Bana plays Hector to Pitt's Achilles. "It's quite literally the role of a lifetime," says Bana. "He's the ultimate warrior."

Bana adds that they've had to add muscle for their roles. "We've been working out like crazy," he says. "I have to be strong because Achilles kicks my ass."

He goes on to talk about the possibly of a Hulk sequel, "I guess we will do one," adds Bana. "It might sound silly, but I really haven't thought about it. It's hard to think Hulk when you're in the middle of 'The Iliad.' "

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