Hartnett 'Homocide' Crash With Harrison Ford

While filming Hollywood Homicide, Jam! say that Josh Hartnett crashed his car into a barrier, with a passenger none other than Harrison Ford himself.

yThey were both banged up a little but Harrison put everyone at ease," says Ron Shelton who wrote and directed Hollywood Homicide.

"People were trying to tell (Harrison) that Josh had missed his mark and that's why he hit the barrier.

"Harrison said it's because he's young and has a heavy foot.

"Harrison and Josh play cops who are investigating a murder in the rap music community in L.A. The running joke in the movie is that they each have a second job to support themselves.

"Harrison is a real estate broker and Josh is a yoga instructor who wants to be an actor.

"There's a great moment where Harrison and Josh are investigating a murder and Harrison realizes this means the victim's property will become choice real estate."

Shelton, who wrote and directed such films as White Men Can't Jump, Bull Durham and Play it to the Bone, says the joke in Hollywood Homicide is not that far-fetched.

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